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A legend in the high-tech world tells that if you whisper the words « asus rog » in the ear of a wallet, it will start to convulse violently, before dying in an agonizing death rattle.

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This anecdote is plausibly very exaggerated, but it does have the merit of perfectly reflecting the image that asus wanted to impose around its rog brand: premium gaming equipment for players at prices that, it is true, are not always reasonable. Asus is a brand specializing primarily in computers, and especially in motherboards, sound cards, graphics cards, and optical readers.

As for us, we are only interested in finished products. To give you a good idea of the products and prices that the brand offers, here is a summary of the devices it offers.

The asus rog zephyrus g14 is a 14-inch ultrabook that can embark on muscular configurations that will allow you to play without worries on heavy games while being tailored for heavy applications also (editing photos and videos, 3d …).

Construction first positive point: the quality of the chassis and the few visible functional systems do not reflect the pricing we mentioned above. There are shortcuts above the keyboard which will be very useful to manage the volume or call the software suite used to manage the device. The trackpad, very pleasant to touch, is adorned with two real buttons that limit the risk of error when clicking.

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